Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can You Close?

We can close within 48 hours of receiving clean title. If title issues exist, we can assist with cleaning up and clearing those items.

Can You Buy My House If I'm Facing Foreclosure?

Yes, we can purchase at any stage of the foreclosure process and can often stop any pending foreclosure proceedings.

Do I Need to Do Any Repairs?

Absolutely not. We truly buy in ANY condition. We handle all repairs and will even clear the property. Only take what you want, we will handle the rest.

Are There Any Fees for Your Services?

No. Your offer is 100% Free and there are no additional fees. Our offer price goes straight into your pocket.

Can You Buy Properties with Liens, Permit Issues or Violations?

Yes, we can purchase properties with any type of existing violations.

How Do You Determine The Value of My House?

Our team is comprised of local experts in the markets that we purchase in. One of our representatives will look at comparable sales made within your neighborhood in the past six months to to determine the fair market value of your property.

Will You Pay Market Value For My House?

As investors we renovate all purchases to rent or resell for a profit. Our costs cannot exceed potential profits. As such, we typically do not pay full retail pricing in exchange for a fast, cash offer. By eliminating realtors, commissions, banks, 3rd parties, brokers, etc. however, we strive to present you with the highest cash offer possible.

Do You Only Buy Houses in Need of Repair?

No, we buy properties in any condition.

Do You Cover Closing Costs?

Yes, we will pay 100% of your closing costs.

Do You Buy Condos, Land and Other Types of Houses?

Yes. We buy single family homes, multi-family properties, condominiums, town houses and yes, even vacant land.

Do You Need to Physically See My Home?

While we are happy to come and physically inspect your home, it isn't required. Often, we can determine our offer based on your responses to a few questions, photos and a video walk through. We are also one of the only companies who can do a visual inspection via video call.

How Do I Know This Isn't a Scam?

We get it, scammers are out there. Our process is safe and legal. We don't exchange any funds directly. All title work, closings and payments/deposits go through a reputable, licensed and insured Title Company/Attorney. While we have an excellent working relationship with them, they operate as an independent business with whom you can communicate with at any time

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