We Buy Houses Fast, Easy and Hassle-Free

We'll Buy Your House FAST in Any Condition! No Realtors. No Fees.

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Stress Less. Sell Fast.

We understand that selling a property can be stressful and time consuming.

Our goal is to give our clients straightforward options, simplicity, ease, and transparency.

Our offer process is simple. Enter your property details and answer a few questions about the condition of your property. Our offers are calculated using a robust formula based on property values in the area... No dealing with lowball offers from amateur investors.

If you have any questions, you'll have a dedicated personal representative to walk you through the process.

There's no obligation to accept our offer, but if you do, what you see is what you get... No Hidden Fees, No Realtor Commissions, No Appraisals, and We Buy "As Is" - No need to make any repairs or even clear the property out. We'll even pay your closing costs!

Here's How It Works:

Free Consultation

Tell us about your home. You'll have a dedicated agent to explain the process and answer your questions. We offer phone calls, video calls, and even in-home consultations to determine the condition of your property... whatever works best for you.

Review Your Cash Offer

Review your fair, "As Is" cash offer. Your offer is 100% FREE. There are no obligations to accept, no hidden fees, no commissions, and no closing costs. We'll handle the repairs and clean up.

Get Paid Fast

If you decide to accept the offer, we'll get the ball rolling and close on your terms. Receive Cash for your property in a matter of days.

A More Detailed Breakdown:

  • Step 1 : Contact Us. Fill in the Form Above or Call/Text Us to speak with one of our Dedicated Service Representatives.

  • Step 2 : Free Consultation. Tell us how we can best serve you. You'll be assigned a personal representative who will guide you through the sales process and answer all of your questions. Our representatives are local professionals who are already familiar with your market and home value. You'll answer a few questions to determine the condition of the house so we can present you with the BEST cash offer possible.

  • Step 3 : GET YOUR OFFER IN MINUTES! We will review your information and present you with a signed, written, cash offer. Take a look and even shop it around. There is no cost, hidden fees, or obligation to receive your offer. There's NEVER a commission and we'll even pay your closing costs.

  • Step 4: Review Your Fair Cash Offer. If you'd like to move forward with our offer, simply sign the contract and return it to us. You can send via email, electronic signature, fax, or mail... whatever works best (and fastest) for you.

  • Step 5: Closing on Your Terms. Fast or Slow - We can close in as little as 48 hours. There's no need to make any repairs or even clean up (we'll remove anything you want to leave in the property). You will receive your funds directly to your bank account via wire transfer, or via certified check; whatever works best for you

Why Pay Thousands in Commissions and Fees?

You Deserve Options.

Before locking yourself into a contract with a Realtor, why not request an offer from us first?

We promise not to waste your time. The offer is 100% Free, there's ZERO obligation to accept, and there's no pressure or aggressive sales tactics EVER.

Click the button below, pop in your information, and receive an offer today.

"My husband and I were looking to sell our house quickly and called several real estate investing companies we found online. Our experience was polite, professional and clear. Our offer was $11,200 more than the next best offer. Closing was a breeze and we received a wire transfer on the day of closing. Thanks again."

- Jennifer S.

Our "Unfair" Advantage

Our "Unfair Advantage" is what allows us to give you a Fair Offer. We're able to buy FAST and give competitive offers by cutting out Banks, Appraisals, Financing Contingencies, Realtors, Commissions, Brokers, Hidden Fees, and Other 3rd Parties that can meddle with the sales process. When you sell to us, you're selling directly... eliminating the "middle man" and the hassles that accompany them.

Sell Directly to Us.

No Realtors, Commissions, or Hidden Fees... We even pay closing costs

We Buy "As Is"

No Repairs Necessary

Say Good Bye to the Banks.

We Pay Cash

We Close Fast! We Can Close Within 48 Hours of Clean Title Confirmation

Other Reasons to Sell With Us

No doubt you've seen other "We Buy Houses" advertisements... What makes us different from the "other guys"?

Between "fly by night" investors, low-ball offers, a lack of transparency, novice Realtors, hidden fees, high commissions, exclusive listing agreements (that lock you into a contract), and a lack of transparency, many home sellers have a terrible experience selling their home.

We strive to provide the BEST service... putting YOU, the homeowner, FIRST.

We can even help if you choose not to sell to us.

Here are just a few of the ways that we outshine the competition every time:

  • We're FAST! Get Your Risk Free Offer in Minutes. We can close in as little as 48 hours

  • Our Services are Free! There is No Obligation to accept an offer and we even pay closing costs

  • We provide full transparency. We'll Show You EXACTLY How We Calculate Your Offer and promise not to waste your time with "lowball" offers

  • We PAY More! ​As professional home buyers, we are looking to make a profit from the purchase and subsequent renovation of your home. We're very upfront and transparent in that regard. Similar companies, however, try and maximize profits by making extremely low offers. Rather than nickel and dime you to maximize profit on a single deal, our goal is to purchase properties in volume. By providing you with exceptional service and a fair offer, we aim to not only earn your business, but to earn referrals as well. Whereas another investment company might want to make $50,000 by purchasing and repairing your home, We'd be perfectly content making $10,000 on the purchase and repair of 5 homes

  • We are NOT a franchise. We are local investors, familiar with the areas that we purchase in. When dealing with other home buying companies, your information is collected and sold to other investors. When a middle man is involved, your profit goes down and you never know who you're actually dealing with. In many cases, (due to a lack of accountability and transparency), the level of service you receive may be compromised

  • ​ Unlike other investors, we have cash on hand and pay you directly, without needing a middle man to take care of funding

  • ​​We work with a Reputable, Licensed and Insured Attorney/Title Company to ensure that your transaction is Safe, Legal, and that You Get Paid Immediately

  • No Pressure - We do NOT employ ANY high pressure sales tactics. Take our offer and shop it around. We'll give you an offer good for 7 days so you can take your time deciding if selling to us is your best option. Remember, there is no cost and no obligation for receiving a cash offer.

  • There are no Processing, Service, or Hidden Fees - What you see is what you put in your pocket

  • ​Unlike other Investors, We buy houses with liens, violations, permit issues, and other fines (so you don’t have to deal with them)

  • No need to clean, clear out, or do ANY repairs - We ACTUALLY Buy "As Is"

  • We care! Our goal is to provide Outstanding service. We can assist with information, resources, and referrals, even if you choose not to sell to us

  • We provide a truly JUDGMENT-FREE ZONE. Some homeowners are uncomfortable with the condition of their home or personal situations. We've seen it ALL -Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, Divorces, Ugly, Damaged, Smelly and Junk-Filled Homes - And we Love 'em! There's never any judgment and our professionals will ensure an easy, discreet, comfortable, and stress-free experience, where your information and situation is 100% Confidential.

We Can Buy Your House No Matter Your Reason For Selling

Avoid agent commissions, closing costs, walk-throughs, open houses, uncertainties, or costly repairs. We've seen it all and we buy houses in any condition, regardless of what your reasons for selling are.

  • Avoiding Foreclosure

  • Extensive Repairs Needed

  • Sell Without Paying a Realtor

  • ​Downsizing or Relocating

  • ​Inherited Property

  • Fire, Water or Mold Damage

  • Liens or Delinquent Taxes

  • Code Violations

  • ​Problematic Tenants

  • Any desire to simply move FAST

When We Say Any Condition, We Mean ANY Condition

Our goal is to make selling your house as easy, fast and stress-free as possible. Take what you want and leave everything else. Dirt, trash, food, mold, furniture, clothes... We take care of it all, no matter how bad you "think" it is. We like pretty houses, but we LOVE ugly houses too ... it let's us flex our designer muscle :)



We Can Help Even If You Don't Want to Sell To Us

When choosing to sell your home, we realize that you have options. As professional home buyers, yes, we want to buy your house...

But our primary goal is to be of service and to help you first .

We'd like to present you with all of the information you'll need to weigh your options and discover if selling to us is your best option. 

If you don’t sell to us... worst case, we can provide you with some information and value. Best case, you can recommend our services to someone else :) 

We have extensive connections throughout the industry and can help you with the follow sources:

  • If you'd like to sell your house the traditional route, recognize that all Real Estate Agents are NOT created equally. We can put you in touch with the Best Agents in your market

  • We have connections (and discounts) with some of the best moving companies in the state 

  • We can refer reputable Attorneys, Title Companies, Lenders and Financial Advisors

  • ​And much more...

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can You Close?

We can close within 48 hours of receiving clean title. If title issues exist, we can assist with cleaning up and clearing those items.

Can You Buy My House If I'm Facing Foreclosure?

Yes, we can purchase at any stage of the foreclosure process and can often stop any pending foreclosure proceedings.

Do I Need to Do Any Repairs?

Absolutely not. We truly buy in ANY condition. We handle all repairs and will even clear the property. Only take what you want, we will handle the rest.

Are There Any Fees for Your Services?

No. Your offer is 100% Free and there are no additional fees. Our offer price goes straight into your pocket.

Can You Buy Properties with Liens, Permit Issues or Violations?

Yes, we can purchase properties with any type of existing violations.

How Do You Determine The Value of My House?

Our team is comprised of local experts in the markets that we purchase in. One of our representatives will look at comparable sales made within your neighborhood in the past six months to to determine the fair market value of your property.

Will You Pay Market Value For My House?

As investors we renovate all purchases to rent or resell for a profit. Our costs cannot exceed potential profits. As such, we typically do not pay full retail pricing in exchange for a fast, cash offer. By eliminating realtors, commissions, banks, brokers, etc. however, we strive to present you with the highest cash offer possible.

Do You Only Buy Houses in Need of Repair?

No, we buy properties in any condition.

Do You Cover Closing Costs?

Yes, we will pay 100% of your closing costs.

Do You Buy Condos, Land and Other Types of Houses?

Yes. We buy single family homes, multi-family properties, condominiums, town houses and yes, even vacant land.

Do You Need to Physically See My Home?

While we are happy to come and physically inspect your home, it isn't required. Often, we can determine our offer based on your responses to a few questions, photos, and a video walk through. We are also one of the only companies who can do a visual inspection via video call.

How Do I Know This Isn't a Scam?

We get it, scammers are out there. Our process is safe and legal. We don't exchange any funds directly. All title work, closings and payments/deposits go through a reputable, licensed and insured Title Company/Attorney. While we have an excellent working relationship with them, they operate as an independent business with whom you can communicate with at any time

There's No RISK